Update: The Lounge Edition

Big updates to Rec Room today! Head to the Steam Store or the Oculus Store to grab it. Here's what's new...

Invite-Only games

  • Rec Room members can now create Invite-Only games.
  • As the name suggests, Invite-Only games allow you to play only with your invited friends. So if you want to play in a controlled environment, this is how to do it!
  • To create an Invite-Only game, go to your watch and select the "Create" button at the bottom of the "Play" menu:
  • Once you're in your Invite-Only room, use your friends list to invite others!

The Lounge

  • There's a new space to enjoy in Rec Room! Welcome to The Lounge:
  • The lounge is an invite-only event room and hangout space suitable for all kinds of VR gatherings...
    • E.g., something we've been enjoying is Rec Room poker night:
  • The Lounge is Invite-Only, so you must be a member to create and invite your friends.
  • We think of this as "version 1.0" of the lounge. We want to hear your thoughts, recommendations and requests for how we can make it better! Don't forget to send us your feedback...

3D Charades

  • Enjoy a freeform game of 3D Charades with friends in The Lounge!
    • No rules, no timers, just a selection of random cards, and the 3D Pen to play with...
    • Let us know what you think! We know some people preferred the more freeform version of 3D Charades before we added the podiums, etc.

Paintball CTF  tweak

  • The flag carrier now has a longer teleport cooldown, to make CTF games a little more competitive.
  • We did this in response to your feedback. Let us know what you think... Like it? Hate it? Should flag carrier move even slower?


  • We've added a fun new tool to Rec Room. The whiteboard:

Why would you want a whiteboard?

  • Draw a picture!
  • Keep score in a game you play with friends in The Lounge
  • Have a VR meeting!
  • Just as with The Lounge, we think of this as a version 1.0. Please tell us what you think, and how we could make whiteboards more useful for you.
  • For now, whiteboards are only available in The Lounge, and there's one in your Dorm Room.

Ghost mode improvements

We've made some more updates to Ghost Mode (some context here). Here's what's new:

  • Ghost Mode now happens quicker - press and hold the Menu button for one second (was two). Or select it immediately via the watch menu.
  • Ghost Mode now works in selected games (3D Charades, Disc Golf, Paddleball). Previously, Ghost Mode was disabled when a game was in progress. Ultimately we'll make it available in all situations, but that's going to take us a bit longer.
  • Ghost Mode long press now works even if you have something in your hand. Previously you had to drop the item first.

Thumbs up/down gesture

  • Show your (dis)approval with the new thumbs up and down gestures!

Change your display name...

We've added some features to the Rec Room Profile Page (accessible via any web-browser):

  • You can access your profile here!
  • Login with your Rec Room member name (or email) and password
  • You can now change your Display Name at any time!
  • You can also change your password, or issue a password reset if you forgot.

Find and make friends more easily...

Also from your profile page (accessible via any web-browser):

  • Click on "Friends" to see your friends list
  • Click on "Find new friends" to search for Rec Room members by name
  • Send a friend request with a single click!
  • You can now make friends with a guest (previously, both players had to be members). Just shake hands, and it should work =]

Tweaks and bug fixes

  • Rack space is now handled better when you have a lot of avatar items in the dorm room
  • Fixed bug where mystery item could appear in center of the room
  • Fixed bug where some players would receive empty boxes (sorry about that)