Finding a performance issue

Some users have reported performance issues since we the "Look Who's Talking" update on Tuesday Jan 17th.

If you have definitely noticed a major performance degradation since Tuesday's update (i.e., it went from "fine" to "unplayable"), we need your help!

Please try this and report back:

  1. In your Steam LIBRARY, right click on Rec Room
  2. Select Properties-->BETAS
  3. In the beta access box, type "TooManyDroppedFrames2"
  4. Click CHECK CODE
  5. Now select the "perftest2" beta from the dropdown
  6. This should trigger a Rec Room update!

Now run and play as usual.

Functionally this build is the same as the default public build. It has some behind-the-scenes changes that we hope will address the performance issues.

If we've found the issue, your experience should go from "unplayable" back to "fine"! You also shouldn't see any weird graphical issues or other new bugs.

Either way, let us know!