Performance test at 9PM GMT (1PM PST) today

There will be a group of us playing at 9PM GMT (1PM PST) today, testing a potential fix for the performance issue that forced us to roll back to a previous version over the weekend. If you've experienced the perf issue (sudden bad framerate after the "Look Who's Talking" update), we could use your help to test this potential fix.

You'll need to get a special beta build... here are the instructions for that:

If you can't join at 1PM, it would still help if you just grabbed the build whenever and took us for a spin.

We are looking for:

  • Do you see unusually bad performance (i.e., it was fine a few weeks ago, but now it's really bad for you)
  • Do you see any weird graphical glitches (beyond our normal jankiness =])

Thanks a bunch for any help, and no sweat if you're too busy or otherwise can't help!