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Log Files

If you report a bug, we may ask you to send us a log file. Here’s how to do that. Log files can only be gathered by PC players. 

Open a new window and navigate to the hard drive where you have installed Rec Room 

Once you have your hard drive selected, ensure you have view -> hidden files enabled. If you don't you will not be able to find the AppData folder. 

logs location hidden files.jpg

You will find the log file here:

\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Against Gravity\Rec Room\output_log.txt

Attach the log file to your email thread with us or send it to

Beta Branches

Here’s how to enable a beta branch (we use these for testing sometimes):


  1. In the Steam desktop client, go to your game LIBRARY

  2. Right click on Rec Room

  3. Choose Properties→BETAS

  4. Enter the beta access code and click CHECK CODE

  5. Now choose the beta branch from the dropdown labeled “Select the beta you would like to opt into:”

  6. Steam will auto-update Rec Room

  7. The branch will be shown in [square brackets], like: “Rec Room [branch]”

  8. Run Rec Room as normal!