2016 - The year of the fist bump!

This is it.  History in the making.  This is the world’s first virtual reality fist bump.


This deeply historic event took place on May, 6th 2016.  That was the day we knew we were onto something.  Moments later, one of those little peanut shaped avatars was “bucketed” and the world of Social VR was never the same again.



We launched Rec Room a few months later on Steam, and we were just floored by the amazing community that formed around the app.  Every day, you all surprised us with:


Your skill…


Your gunslinging...


Your backflips…


Your dedication…


And your ability to walk through walls...


It’s no secret that the community has really been what’s made Rec Room a special place.  Over 100k of you came through Rec Room in the second half of 2016.  You played over 1 million games together, exchanged over 1 million high fives, and fired nearly a billion paintballs at each other (some of you should probably work on your aim...).  You’ve also been spending a long time hanging out with each other, the average play time is now up over 35 minutes per session.  


We’re honored that you’ve made us the #1 Social VR app on Steam with a 98% positive review score, and we’re excited to show you some new stuff for the new year.


Alright, so here’s a little preview of what’s to come:


Brand NEW Stuff


To start, we want to give you some cool new activities to try out.  We’re working on a new activity that will require teamwork and cooperation.  It’s called…. The Quest, and it’s Rec Room’s very first co-op experience.  Groups of people can party up, and do battle and collect loot.  Grab a bow or pick up a sword and get to work.  The only way to make it through The Quest is to coordinate your strategy of defense and attack.  Happy adventuring!



Expanding social


Next, we plan to make several aspects of the current app even better and more streamlined.  We want to make it easier to find your current friends and to make new ones.  We also plan to give you more ways to interact with those friends, both inside VR and out (oh my!).  We’re even going to give the watch menu some love.  We plan to make everything more powerful, streamlined, and beautiful!


A fun and welcoming community


Just as important, we want to double down on our commitment to ensure that Rec Room is a fun and welcoming place for people from all walks of life. So we'll continue to invest in systems that foster positive community and minimize trolling and harassment.  With your help, we'll be improving and extending both active and passive systems that let you manage specific situations based on your personal preferences, and that help us understand broad community trends to minimize bad interactions in general.



So that’s just a few of the things to look forward to in 2017.  As always, if you have ideas, suggestions, or rants please email us at info@againstgrav.com or join the conversation at http://recroom.reddit.com.   We read everything that comes through.  Your feedback is a huge part of our development process, and we appreciate all that you provided in 2016.


“Wait... if it’s free, how are you staying in business?”


We’d also like to recognize another group that has helped make Rec Room possible this past year, our investors.  We were incredibly fortunate to find a group of people who believed in our vision of real-time social interaction, and were inspired to help us build an app that doesn’t follow the conventional model.  Importantly, they’ve supported our commitment to keeping Rec Room a free download, so anyone can join our community.


With the help of Sequoia, First Round, Acequia, Vulcan, Maveron, Anorak, Betaworks, The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund), and our many angel investors (including Charles Fitzgerald who’s joined our board), we’ve raised $5M to continue to build the future of Social VR.


Thanks again to all of you!  We’re really excited for the year to come.  See you in Rec Room [|=)]