Comfort and Moderation - VR players:

Comfort and Moderation - Screen players:

Comfort and Safety

VR provides a powerful new medium for sharing experiences and connecting with other people. We see a lot of friendships flourish inside Rec Room, supportive communities, existing friends and family maintain relationships across great distances, and incredible creativity. However the same characteristics that make VR such a great way to connect and create with other people can also be misused by bad actors. 

Given this challenge, we are committed to ensuring that Rec Room is a fun and welcoming place for people from all walks of life. We are always investing in systems that foster a positive community and minimize trolling and harassment. With your help, we are improving systems that let players manage specific situations based on personal preferences, and that help us understand community trends to minimize bad interactions. 

We'll cover our progress to date on player comfort and safety features on the rest of this page. If you'd like to report an incident or leave us feedback on these features, please get in touch!


Code of Conduct

The Rec Room Code of Conduct (CoC) defines our community standards. It is shown to every player during account creation along with a bit of time to read it over. The player must hold their hand down on a confirmation button to digitally sign that they have read and agree to the CoC. We show summarized versions of the CoC around the player's dorm room and multiple other Rec Room locations so that the community is reminded of these standards each time they log in. We also remind players of the CoC each time they issue a report against another player, and we show it to players who have been banned due to CoC violations. 


  • Rule #1: Be excellent to each other!

  • Sexist, racist, discriminatory or harassing language, behavior, or content is not welcome

  • Do not promote, encourage or participate in illegal behavior

  • Players 12 or younger must use a Junior Account

  • One player per account. The player must match the birth date on the account. 

  • No disruptive trolling or inflammatory stuff in public rooms

    1. E.g., sexually explicit material, controversial topics

    2. This rule does not apply to private/unlisted rooms. But whatever you choose to do in a private or unlisted room, be sure that everyone present is cool with it.

    3. Potentially inflammatory rooms should clearly communicate their purpose to other users before they enter the room.

  • Do not impersonate devs, moderators, or other authority figures

  • Don’t mess with other people’s games! We don’t want to implement a million rules to control your behavior in every game. Don’t make us. This includes:

    1. Cheating

    2. Abusing the moderation tools

    3. Trolling and not being a good sport.

  • Please use the in-game reporting tools to report Code of Conduct violations

    • Players you report will be automatically muted and blocked. Blocked players appear faded out to you and are prevented from joining your custom rooms. Our matchmaking systems will also take the block into account and attempt to never again place you in a room where you might run into the blocked player. 

Player created rooms:

  • Rooms are behavior - Rooms are treated as an extension of the player(s) who create and own them. Making a public custom room full of Code of Conduct violations will be moderated as if all owners of that room had created those violations or engaged in that behavior in a populated public space. 
  • Room ownership is an active responsibility - If you create a room, you are responsible for making sure it doesn’t devolve into a toxic mess. If you can’t devote some energy into proactively checking on your room (e.g., maybe you’re going on vacation) consider making it private for the duration, or finding a trusted co-owner.
  • If you have save privileges, you are responsible - This means that all co-owners are responsible. If you’re going on vacation, or have lost interest in a room, remove yourself as an owner. The creator of the room is the ultimate responsible party. 

Behavior outside of Rec Room:

These rules are neither final nor exhaustive - we reserve the right to suspend disruptive players even if their behavior doesn’t fall under any of the above rules directly.

Comfort and Safety Features

[Junior accounts] - These accounts are for players under 13 years of age and come with a number of safety features that prevent them from sharing personally identifiable information with other players. All junior accounts are linked to and managed by an account owned by the parent or guardian. Rec Room junior accounts are COPPA compliant and kidSAFE certified.

[Personal space bubble] - Every player has their own personal space bubble they can configure. By default this bubble is set to medium but it also has larger and smaller settings. As players enter your personal space bubble they become fully invisible. The other player also sees their hands and body becoming invisible, giving them feedback on your personal space. 

[Stop gesture] - A quick 'talk to the hand' gesture you can perform on another player that will pull up your comfort and moderation menu. From this menu you can mute, block, vote kick, and report the player, as well as access your global audio settings and personal space bubble. After performing the gesture the comfort and moderation menu will automatically appear in front of you with the targeted player already muted and blocked. Your personal space bubble is expanded to large automatically after using this gesture and your global audio is quieted so that you can focus on adjusting your comfort settings or issuing a report. 

[Pointing gesture- A gesture that allows you to change your hand into a pointing finger that can then select other players using a laser pointer. Once selected this will then bring up the players profile page where you can friend, message, cheer, mute, block, report, and other options. This gesture is useful if you are trying to select another player who is moving quickly or hiding behind other players or terrain. 

[Recent players] - A list of players found in the People section of your watch. This will show a list of players that you have encountered while being logged in this session. If you choose to leave a room, or another player leaves a room, but you would still like to report them for a Code of Conduct violation, this menu will be the fastest way to find them. 

[Mute- You may mute individual players either by using the stop gesture or by navigating to the player's profile via the people menu. 

[Mute all voice audio] - You may mute all player voice audio by following the link in the comfort and moderation menu or by navigating to settings. 

[Block] - You may block individual players either by using the stop gesture or by navigating to the player's profile via the people menu. Blocked players are automatically muted and are faded out as if they were always inside your personal space bubble. They are also blocked from joining your custom rooms, and our matchmaking system is instructed to never match you with this player again. It is still possible to join a public room with a blocked player in it if you override matchmaking by going to a friend who is in that room or accepting a friend's invite. You will be prevented from joining a blocked player's custom rooms. 

[Vote kick] - You may issue a vote kick against another player by using the stop gesture or by navigating to the player's profile via the people menu. All other players in the room will be alerted to the vote kick initiation and asked to vote yes or no. If a majority of players vote yes, the player will be removed to their dorm room and unable to rejoin your room for that session. Votes to kick do not require a Code of Conduct violation like reports do. 

[Reporting] - If you see a player breaking the Rec Room Code of Conduct, please report them. You can initiate an in game report by either using the stop gesture or by navigating to the player's profile via the people menu. You will be asked to select the section of the CoC they violated and provide a brief text description of the violation. These reports can be issued even if you are no longer in the same room with the offending player. Simply navigate to the people section of you watch and then the 'recent' tab. This will list all of the players you have been in a room with recently. 

If you would like to follow up with us on your report outside of Rec Room please contact us! 

[Dorm room / private space] - Every time a player logs into Rec Room they start in their dorm room. The dorm room is a totally private space. You can't invite other players to it and other players can never enter your dorm room. This ensures the player has time to plan out their Rec Room visit. If they wish they can hop from private room to private room, only inviting friends, or not inviting anyone if they would like to play solo. 

[Custom rooms / private rooms] - You can create a private room of any Rec Room activity. In your watch select 'Create', then select the activity or environment you'd like to make a private copy of. You can switch these rooms to become public after saving them but they always default to private on creation. In a private room only those players you invite can enter. 

[Room reporting] - If you find a room that you believe is in violation of the Rec Room Code of Conduct, please let us know by reporting it. You can find the report button by clicking the 'This Room' button in your watch or the room info button in the room browser. You will be asked to leave a short text note describing the violation.

[New player tutorial] - Every Rec Room account is forced to complete a new player tutorial when it is created. This tutorial introduces players the Code of Conduct, the stop gesture, how to report violations of the Code of Conduct, the dorm room, how to teleport and move around, how to customize your avatar, and gives you an initial warning the first time you enter a populated room, informing you that you are now playing with real people from all around the world.If you would like to replay this tutorial again later, there is a 'rerun tutorial' button in your dorm room. There are also buttons to direct you to our help center and privacy policy, and one that starts a separate tutorial showing how to create your own private rooms.

[Microphone settings] - The 'my voice pitch' and 'my microphone' options in the audio settings allow players to alter the pitch of their voice, or to switch their microphone to push to talk or off entirely if they wish. This gives players a wider variety of ways to interact with the community. 

[Expresso menu / nonverbal communication] - The expresso menu gives players fast access to their settings, a collection of animated emotes, and a wide selection of chat messages that everyone in your room will receive. We've developed these features so that even players that are unable or unwilling to communicate via voice still have a way to communicate in Rec Room. Emotes allow you to express happiness, anger, sadness, confusion, and other emotions, and the chat bubbles and room-wide notifications allow you to more easily participate in social situations or coordinate with other players during games.

[Name filtering] - Rec Room uses advanced name filtering software to attempt to prohibit and remove any offensive or vulgar phrases from player-submitted text, including but not limited to player names and private room names. If you see an offensive player name, room name, or other text in Rec Room, please report it via the proper in-game avenue or contact us using one of the methods mentioned under the reporting feature.

[Locomotion options] - Rec Room offers a wide variety of locomotion options, from teleporting to walking to flying. Players can tweak these settings along with a number of comfort settings via the in-game settings menu.

[Age based matchmaking] - We've found that players often prefer the company of others close to their own age range, and that matchmaking players in public games based on age range has had a very positive impact on the community and reduced moderation incidents. 

[Community Q&A] - Rec Room updates with new content every two weeks. Each time this happens we also hold a community Q&A that players can either attend in game via the featured events door in the Rec Center or by watching our Twitch stream. We encourage critical feedback at these events and would love to hear from players if they have ideas for comfort and safety features. Outside of the Q&A we're always hanging out on Discord and Reddit if you'd like to get in touch. We also just recently set up a bugs and feature request board. 

Other things to Know

  • Rec Room is an active game. Please use common sense and caution while playing!
  • Rec Room is cross platform so you can play with friends on Rift, Vive, PlayStation VR, Windows VR, etc. 
  • Children between 13 - 18 must consult with a parent or guardian before playing.
  • In Rec Room you may interact and voice chat with other people in real time. Rec Room offers mute, block, reporting, and many other comfort features which we encourage you to learn and use. But even if you use these features, you still may be exposed to speech or behavior you find inappropriate.
  • By playing Rec Room, you agree to our Code of Conduct!