Art Contest 2.0

Abstract - 20 Winners

Character - 27 Winners

Landscape - 18 Winners

View the gallery in Rec Room!

We had a ton of amazing entries and they can all be viewed in the room ^ArtShow

Winners will have a ribbon.


Each winner will get one of these shirts.

Players with multiple winning entries will receive an email to coordinate gifting their extra prize.


I want to art! How do I art?

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #contests or #discussion channels to meet other players and get tips on getting started! You can find a white board and markers on the second floor of your Dorm Room to start practicing, or spawn a white board, markers, and other drawing tools in your own room using the Maker Pen.

You can also find a lot of answered questions and helpful community members on the Rec Room Subreddit.

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please check out our Help Center.