Creators Contest Winners

Contest recap:

Rec Room now has custom rooms! Custom rooms let you create your own environments, games, clubhouses, escape rooms, art exhibits, and whatever else you can dream up. We ran a custom rooms contest and the Rec Room community built some incredible stuff! Below is a video showing off the winning rooms. Under the video are tutorials for building your own custom rooms.



How do I get started?

Learn how to create and name your room (video)

Learn how to use the Sandbox Machine to fill your room with stuff (video)

Learn how to use the Maker Pen to create your own objects and environments (video)

Learn how to add advanced features and logic to your room using Circuits (video)

Circuits User Guide (google doc)

More great info on Circuits and all of our other creative tools here (Rec Room Wiki)

Learn how to add Holotars (recorded avatars / virtual assistants) to your room: (video)

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #custom-rooms channel to meet other creators, see what everyone is working on, and get tips on getting started!

I need help with custom rooms!

Most questions can be answered very quickly by Against Gravity support or the Rec Room community via our Discord. We pin common questions and answers in relevant channels or will make server wide announcements in the #announcements channel.

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please get in touch using one of the methods listed in our Help Center.