As the leaves start to turn and fall from the trees, we start to contemplate… when are we having another contest?!

As the leaves start to turn and fall from the trees, we start to contemplate… when are we having another contest?!


We love the Fall season for many reasons… crisp, cool weather; harvest festivals; seeing friends again after summer holidays; and of course… spooks and scares! This contest celebrates all aspects of the Fall season - Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches and corn mazes, Talk Like a Pirate day, Día de los Muertos, and yes… Halloween! This is Rec Room’s #FallFestival Room Contest!

Players have some creative leeway in how they interpret the theme, but Rec Room judges should be able to find a clear relationship to the Fall Festival theme in the room. 

How do I submit a room to the contest? 

When you create your room, first tag it with #FallFestival. Next, be sure your room is set to ‘public’ in the room privacy settings by September 29th at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Finally, we’re breaking the entries up into categories, so make sure you also include one (and only one!) of the following tags based on what your room contains:

  • #art - beautiful, interesting, or thought-provoking rooms (^MuseumOfTime, ^MagicSphere, ^TimeTravelersMuseum)

  • #hangout - social spaces for relaxing (^ScienceTestLab, ^BlastFromThePast, ^Flintstones)

  • #pvp - action-filled battles against other players (^TroubleInTimePark, ^SealTheRiftPVP, ^WYRLostInTime)

  • #story - rooms that take players on a journey and have a narrative. (^TheLapseOfJumbotron, ^QuestedInTime, ^BackToTheToilet)

  • #activity - non-PVP games played in a single room or using a single core game mechanic, typically without a story-like narrative (^EscapeThroughTime, ^TheLostMazeOfMrLegolas, ^QuidditchRecRoom)

As a courtesy to other players, we’re also requiring that you add the tag #scary if your room contains horror, gore, jump scares, or other potentially frightening elements. 


Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. 


1st prize (5 winners) - Gold Maker Pen Trophy, Maker Pen Skin, Themed Avatar Items (torso and accessory)


2nd prize (5 winners) - Silver Maker Pen Trophy, Themed Avatar Items (torso and accessory)


3rd prize (5 winners) - Bronze Maker Pen Trophy, Themed Avatar Item (torso)


Additionally, we will have awards for:

  • Best performance by a holotar

  • Best costume design

  • Best audio design

  • Best room trailer

  • How did they do that?! Award

  • Rising Star award

When is the contest? How are winners determined?

Build phase - Friday September 6th to Sunday September 29th

Play phase - Monday September 30th - Sunday October 13th 

* Days start and end according to PDT (Seattle time). All dates are 2019.  

* You may still refine and fix bugs in existing public rooms and sub-rooms during the play phase (no new sub-rooms, or entirely new content can be created). You may also set your room public and have people actively playing in the room during the build phase. However, the calculation for qualifying rooms will only be made during the time-frame of the play phase. We encourage you to get your room public ASAP then test and iterate on your design with the community!

Evaluation phase - After the play phase ends we will take a day or two to review what rooms captured the most player engagement during the play phase. 

Judging phase - The top 7 rooms in each category will move on to a judging round and the top 3 winners in each category and additional award winners will be determined by Rec Room staff.

The Roomies - After the Judging phase, the top 7 of each category and additional award winners will be invited to a special event where they will be announced in a  red-carpet style event! Detailed information regarding The Roomies event will be announced after the Judging phase.

How do I get started?

Check out the 'Custom Rooms Tools and Tutorials' article in our help center! 


1. Players must have a confirmed email on their Rec Room account so that we can contact them if they win.

2. All submissions must be tagged with #FallFestival and be set to ‘public’ in the room privacy settings before the end of the Build phase and throughout the Play and Evaluation phase. We should be able to find a clear relationship to the Fall Festival contest theme in your room. Only rooms created on Friday September 6th 2019 (PDT time) or later may be entered into the contest. Sub-rooms which are not created and public before the end of the Build phase (Monday, September 30th 2019) will not be included in judging. Entries not public before the end of the Build phase will only be judged on the content in the room at the time of publishing.

3. Rooms must not contain any Code of Conduct violations.

4.  Some inventions are allowed. Inventions that are originally from a room made by one of the entered room's co-owners are allowed. Inventions that are made public in the invention store are allowed. Your room may be disqualified if an invention was created in a room that was owned by someone else, or if it is an invention of someone who is not a co-owner of the entered room and the invention was not made public by the original inventor (official template rooms created by Meriesa are ok to use!). Keep in mind that this is a judged contest, and originality is better than remixes.

* Please note inventors will not be eligible for prizes, and only the room owner and co-owners will be eligible for prizes.
5. Rooms can ONLY be entered in one category. No duplicate entries (ie. copying the room and renaming/retagging it). Rooms must also be tagged in the appropriate category (ie. a PVP room should not be tagged as #hangout). Use your best judgement when tagging your room category based on the descriptions provided. 

6. Anything you do that fundamentally changes the nature of the room may disqualify the room. This is at our discretion. Examples: A PVP match in the middle of a story room or as an event in a non-PVP room, hangout events in story or art rooms, drawing or art show events in a PvP room, etc.

7. Prizes will be issued to the room creator and co-owners. However we may limit the number of co-owners who can receive a prize if you have more than 6 total owners (including the room creator). Players who are an owner or co-owner on multiple winning rooms will receive one set of prizes from the highest tier, plus the trophies from all applicable winning entries. 

8. Rooms or creators found to be using malicious practices including but not limited to aggressive invite spamming, non-authentic players, or other attempts to 'game the system' may be disqualified.

9. This contest is not open to players using a Junior Account due to current restrictions around juniors and the creation tools.

I need help with custom rooms!

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #contest or #custom-rooms channel to meet other creators, see what everyone is working on, and get tips on getting started!

You can also find a lot of answered questions and helpful community members on the Rec Room Subreddit.

Check out the 'Custom Rooms Tools and Tutorials' article in our help center! 

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please check out our Help Center.